Man showing Find the right people tittle on t-shirt. Human resources, partnership, choosing partner concept.Understanding the IRS and the tax laws is very difficult and confusing.  When a taxpayer has a tax controversy matter with the IRS, selecting a tax attorney may be just as confusing and complicated.  Not all attorneys are created equal when it comes to the tax laws and representing clients before the IRS.  Dealing with the IRS can be risky and confusing for someone, including an attorney, if that person is not familiar with IRS procedure.  Clients seeking a tax attorney when they are having problems with the IRS must be careful to select someone who understands this unique area of the law.  Challenging the IRS requires an attorney with special expertise and experience.
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Hand holding magnifier glass to searching red human icon on wooden cube block among black people icon. Human development concept.Clients come from many sources.  Most of our practices deal with clients who are having problems with the IRS.  These problems can range from a simple audit to serious criminal problems.  The first two things that come to mind are 1) who do we want for our clients and 2) how do we select clients who will follow our advice?
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